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Loan Rates
Loan Criteria: Applicant must be a member of the credit union and have three months continuous employment to apply for a secure loan and six months of an unsecured loan. A co-maker may be required in certain circumstances. A member’s total loan obligations to this Credit Union (including any loans on which the member is a joint borrower or guarantor) shall not exceed $100,000 for consumer loans (including VISA). Signature Loan limits depend on the paper grade. Loan discounts are not available for all loan products contact credit union for list. Rates quoted are lowest possible rate. Rate is dependent upon member credit history.
All loans subject to credit approval. Prescott Federal Credit Union is an Equal Housing Lender. Rates and Terms subject to change.
Receive up to an additional .50% apr discount for any 2 of the following:
Automatic payment
PFCU Visa Credit Card
PFCU Checking Account(Must have activity)
Direct Deposit into your Account
Vehicle Loans
New and Used vehicle model years 2015 and newe*36-48 months 3.50%*
*up to 64 months3.75%*
*72 months4.00%*($15,000 and above)
*84 months4.75%*($20,000 and above)
*90-110 months5.50%*($50,000 and above)
Vehicles 2014 and older and under 100,000 miles*up to 40 months4.75%*
*up to 72 months5.25%*($15,000 and above)
Vehicles over 100,000 miles*up to 48 months5.50%*
RV or Motor Home 2015 and newer*up to 180 months6.00%*
RV or Motor Home 2014 and older*up to 120 months6.50%*
New/Used Boat, jet skis, and ATV's*up to 72 months6.50%*
Motorcycle 2012 and Newer*up to 64 months5.50%*
Motorcycle 2011 and Older*up to 64 months6.00%*
Other Loans
SignatureUp to 60 months8.00%*
Terms from 12 to 60 months-depending on the Amount borrowed
Revolving Credit14.00%*
Share Secured3% over CD rate
36 Months – 3.00% over existing certificate dividend rate. Maximum loan term 36 months. Single Pay Note at maturity or 36 months whichever is less.
VISA Credit Card12.00%*
Overdraft Loan14.00%*
* Annual Percentage Rate
Credit Union matches other Financial Institutions. Member must present documentation.